WELCOME to the complete package with all the advice and knowledge you need to start up your wedding planning business, OR revamp your business within your first couple of years. Here we will break down 5 main topics that we believe you should know within your first few years of owning a wedding planning business and give you all the resources you need to succeed! 

day one - how to find your Style

  • Learn how the wedding industry is widely impacted by the world around us
  • You will be given an exercise to find your own personal style and your wedding style
  • Get access to our free template you can use to help you find your style

day two - Finances and legalities

  • Learn how to best manage your finances as a small business owner
  • We teach 5 things you must do before you work your first event
  • Outsourcing - Is it worth it?
  • PDF with more free resources listed and a checklist for creating a legal entity

what's included?
take a peek at all 5 days

day Three - packages and pricing

  • We go over the most common wedding packages as well as some misconceptions and tension points
  • Learn how to price yourself in a way that gives you the income you deserve
  • Access to our free pricing calculator 

Day four - investing in       yourself + your business

  • Learn the difference between investing in yourself and in your business
  • Learn what it means to invest in your work and why this is important
  • How do you invest in yourself?
  • PDF freebie

day five - Marketing

  • Learn the two main marketing platforms that you need for your business
  • We will dive deep into each one with practical steps for you to follow
  • PDF on how to build your website

"if We  could go Back..."

"If we could back to our first year of business, we would do a lot of things differently or do a lot of things sooner. We spent a lot of blood, sweat and tears building up our business and this meant a LOT of trial and error. Don't get us wrong, trial and error is crucial to growth but there are still things that you could avoid to save yourself time, energy and money. To top it off, there was never solid education strictly for wedding planners in the season we were in. We decided to change this for all the wedding planners that come behind us. We want you to have everything you need to be successful in this industry and we wanted to make it simple to understand.  This one's for YOU! Thank you for being here, we can't wait  to  see  you  thrive.

Lexi & Shelby

this course is for you if...

you are always stressing about doing things the right way ("Is this legal!?")

you find yourself following trends more than following your heart

you have experienced or are worried about burnout

you are ready to start your business from the ground up or you've already taken this leap within the last few years

you feel overwhelemd and need easy tangible steps to take