It's no secret that we LOVE styled shoots and content days. However putting on a styled shoot is not a small task and takes a lot of planning, prepping, and organization. Join us as we walk you through   how   to   plan   a  styled   shoot.
We will start with your intention behind it, and end with how to use the styled shoot content when it's all said and done. We can't wait for you to enjoy styled shoots   the   way   we   do!

day 1 - the Basics of a styled shoot

  • We discuss the what, why, who, when and how of a styled shoot
  • Learn how to focus on the intention behind planning a styled shoot

day 2 - marketing to your Ideal client

  • Learn how to use a styled shoot to market to your ideal client 
  • We teach ways of marketing both before and after your shoot
  • 3 things publishers are looking for
  • Is a large investment in a styled shoot worth it?

what's included?
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day 3 - the financial Responsibility

  • Learn how to budget whether you are selling tickets to multiple photographers or putting on an exclusive shoot
  • Find out what you should expect to spend money on
  • What does it look like to sell tickets and make an income from a styled shoot?

day 4 - Step by step breakdown

  • Follow our 5 main steps for putting on a styled shoot 
  • Gain confidence in your role as the host of a styled shoot
  • Learn how to best serve the other vendors involved

day 5 - get organized

  • Get the biggest resource we use for planning all of our styled shoots!
  • Tips and tricks on how to stay organized while planning your styled shoot

"it's not just about Pretty pictures..."

"Over the years we have planned many styled shoots and while the content we've received is amazing, we have realized it's not just about the pretty pictures. There are so many other benefits and reasons to planning a styled shoot. A styled shoot will perform at it's best when there is intention behind it. When you are strategic about the type of shoot, the design and the details, and the story you're telling, your benefits will increase ten-fold. 

Styled shoots are about dreaming, creating. connecting, and so much more. We can't wait for you to experience the joy of hosting styled shoots with intention and all that can come from it."


Lexi & Shelby

this course is for you if...

you are looking to publish your work for the first time

you want to know how much of an investment a styled shoot will be

you have experienced or are worried about creative burnout

you are new to the wedding industry and need to level up your portfolio and networking

you feel overwhelemd with planning and need easy tangible steps to take