Design Consulting

"They left no stone unturned &  carefully thought out every single detail."

"After our initial video call, I immediately knew they would be able to take my inspiration and execute it to a level I could only dream of.

Every email, video meeting, design board or interaction I had with them was so wonderful. They are so kind, thoughtful, and talented. The design process with them was seamless. They left no stone unturned and carefully thought out every single detail."

Aubrey T

so what is design consulting?

There is so much that goes into designing a wedding. 

A wedding is essentially a day that tells a story -- a story of the relationship and life you've built with your partner.

Your story is told through the littlest of details to the colors you choose to the flow of the day.

So how do we come in to play?
Well, designing doesn't always come naturally to people. You might have the most beautiful inspiration photos saved on a Pinterest board, but how do you make that come to life? How do you make that come to life while staying in your budget?

We take your inspiration and turn it into a practical design all while taking your budget into consideration. We make sure every part of your day is carefully thought through and make sure no detail is left unnoticed.

Once we've created a design that speaks to you, we give you the freedom to implement as much as your want into your wedding day!

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Below we break down what it looks like to work with us for our design consulting service

Once you fill out our contact form, we will send a welcome email and an invoice. Once the 50% deposit is paid and contract is signed, we will send
you a questionnaire to get to know you as a couple, hear more about your wedding inspiration, see where you are at in your planning process, etc.
After you fill out the questionnaire, we will schedule a call to chat about everything! Putting a face to the words on the screen and getting to interact with you will inspire us to design for you! During this call, we may also have some clarifying questions about your design and wedding day!
Once we feel like we have enough information about you and your wedding inspiration, we will create a generic design board. We will send this to you for approval, and email back and forth about any critiques you might have. Essentially, this step is to make sure we are on the same page stylistically. 
Then, we will begin your Design Lookbook. Our lookbook is a 20+ page booklet that goes in every aspect of your wedding day -- from your invitation suites to your send off and everything in between. No detail is missed. Lookbooks include tablescape blueprints and practical inspiration.
We will check in during our design process if we have any questions for you regarding your design and/or wedding day. We will send you a reminder email for your final payment.
Once your final payment is paid, we will send over your Design Lookbook which is packed with practical tips and tricks, specific requests for design related vendors, and a cohesive design that tells your story beautifully.

Is it worth it?

I know you're asking yourself that. You're probably thinking... "Okay, it can't be THAT hard to design my own wedding... right?!" And to be honest, maybe you are right. Maybe you have a knack for designing and you could totally do this yourself. However, if designing your wedding would stress you out because it's one more thing added to your plate, or you are tired of everyone else's opinions, or you are second guessing if those two colors clash... then it's totally worth it, my friend.

design consulting

With years of experience in the wedding industry, designing a number of weddings, understanding that the costs are different everywhere, serving countless couples planning the best day of their life – we know what it takes to design the best weddings! And we do it with you in mind. Because like we said, a wedding day should tell a story and we know exactly how to weave those details into a beautiful fairytale.

This service is only $1000. No hidden fees. No extra costs. We made this an affordable service because we believe
everyone deserves the beautiful wedding of their dreams.

I'm ready - let's do this!