Wedding Planning Session

"You don't know what you don't know..."

This is likely your first and only wedding. At first planning a wedding sounds like a dream -- you finally get your Pinterest wedding!! But then you get engaged and everyone starts asking questions and everyone has an opinion and the world doesn't slow down and your future in-laws are putting pressure on you and the dishes won't do themselves, and, and, and - ahhhhh. Where do you even begin!? You start researching vendors that you know you need like venues, photographers, etc. You start to see pricing come back, scheming through contracts, emailing back and forth trying to answer questions you don’t really know how to answer, because… you don't know what you don't know!

They made my reception dreams and aesthetic a reality and even more beautiful than I ever imagined.

“I originally thought that I wouldn’t need a wedding planner when planning my wedding, but I quickly realized how wrong. After meeting with Lexi and Shelby, my mom and I immediately knew they would be the perfect addition to our wedding day.s. They helped make my wedding dreams and aspirations come to life. We also flipped our venue from ceremony to reception, and Lexi and Shelby were the ones completely in charge of that so that I could enjoy myself during cocktail hour. The entire day itself was absolutely stress-free because of Lexi and Shelby. They thought of every last detail — things I never would have thought of. The only thing I wish we had done was book them sooner! "

 Jenna & Diego 

"I have yet to feel stressed, they have made it that simple and fun"

“Lexi and Shelby have gone above and beyond to make my life simply easier! From the very start of wedding planning, up until the fine details of the day, they have been extremely organized, and attentive to every single detail. I feel like I have been able to soak up this season of planning and enjoy it, instead of stressing - thanks to them. After all of the wonderful help with planning, I already know they will add so much joy to our wedding day! We can’t wait! If you’re contemplating booking Becoming Designs, do not even hesitate, they are worth every penny and then some!”

Madi & Chase

does this sound familiar?

How do I know what a good price is? What does it mean to have a cohesive design? What's worth splurging on and what's worth saving on? How do I make the stress go away!??

Do these questions sound familiar? By booking our 2 hour planning session, you get all these questions AND MORE answered. Our two hour session is curated to be exactly what you need.

The beginning stages of wedding planning is so critical. Why? Because starting to plan a wedding without a priority blueprint is like starting to build a house from scratch without a design blueprint. You need to have a foundation to guide you along the way. What are your priorities? What are your non-negotiables? What does the budget layout look like? There are so many details that go into creating a wedding blueprint. To create the best wedding blueprint and make sure you are on steady grounds, let’s have a wedding planning date and hash out all the nitty gritty together!

Book my two hour planning session

  • Together we will talk through your priorities and non-negotiables to set the best foundation for your wedding planning experience! This part is KEY to wedding planning and makes the rest of it a breeze. These things are what you will come back to every time you have to make a decision.
  • We will collaborate to build an estimated budget template balancing your priorities, what you still need, and what you already have. We will help break down the costs in the wedding industry so you don’t have unrealistic expectations moving forward.
  • Based on your questionnaire, we will have pre-built a wedding timeline template for you! Yes, that’s right - you get our very own custom built timeline that we share with our clients.
  • We will prepare you for wedding day with all our helpful tricks and tools for crisis management.
  • Together we will walk through your ceremony details, including your processional lineup!
  • We will answer any questions you may have based on your specific wedding needs or anything that pops up during our meeting!
  • You will walk away with our customized wedding checklist AND two of our helpful worksheets that we use for our full service wedding clients!

Below we break down what it looks like to work with us. It's no secret that planning a wedding is hard work. But it's possible for it to be FUN, too! Here is a sneak peek into our two hour planning session:

You, my friend, are worthy of investing in yourself + your wedding.

Are you further into wedding planning and wondering if our planning session would still be worth it?

I promise you it is. We will help you work backwards from where you are now, to where you want to be. This session is still curated to be exactly what you need. We will help make sure all your bases are covered, prep your wedding day timeline, walk away with multiple worksheets that will help think through all the last minute detail layers, and more!

wedding planning session

With years of experience in the wedding industry, doing many destination weddings, understanding that the costs are different everywhere, serving countless couples planning the best day of their life – we know what it takes to plan the best weddings! Even from afar, we can ensure that the information and knowledge we are dying to share with you will help you build the best foundation for the rest of your wedding planning experience. Like we said, wedding planning CAN be fun!

Let us help you for only $300! You heard it here… $300 for the best planning consultation! $300 to jumpstart wedding planning! $300 to actually enjoy wedding planning!

book my two hour planning session